Yamaha Motor Models to Go on Display at EICMA 2013

6 11 2013

TOKYO, JAPAN – November 6, 2013 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –

-Yamaha Continues to Introduce More Exciting New Motorcycles and Scooters-

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced on November 6 that new models will go on display at the International Motorcycle Exhibition (EICMA) to be held in Milan, Italy, on November 7-10.

131106 Yamaha EICMA

2013 marked the start of a new future for Yamaha, and Yamaha is well equipped to take on 2014 with the news that there were many exciting new models in the pipeline focused more clearly on our customers’ needs and lifestyles.

The most significant development for Yamaha is the unveiling of a groundbreaking 3-wheel concept in the “New Mobility Segment” that is ready to challenge conventional thinking, and change the way in which many people commute in towns and cities all over Europe.

YAMAHA At EICMA 2013 - 71st International Motorcycle Exhibition - Press Preview

Yamaha Tricity: Taking a new direction
The all-new Tricity is a Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) powered by an automatic transmission 125cc 4-stroke engine. It is specifically designed to attract a large proportion of scooter and non-scooter users, as well as former riders, to the scooter market.

The Tricity will be the first of a number of affordable, agile, compact, light and practical new models that will be introduced starting 2014, and it is Yamaha’s intention to make this the new ‘standard city commuter’. We can confirm that the concept model on display at the EICMA will be very close to the final full production model, in both specification and performance.

What makes the Tricity exceptional is the fact that it is significantly lighter and much more compact than existing 3-wheel models, and Yamaha believes that its remarkable agility and easy handling characteristics will appeal to a broad customer base.

YAMAHA At EICMA 2013 - 71st International Motorcycle Exhibition - Press Preview

MT SEGMENT: The Dark Side of Japan
Yamaha’s rapidly growing MT “Masters of Torque” range is one of the most exciting things to happen to motorcycling for a long time. Drawing on the “Dark Side of Japan” as their inspiration, Yamaha’s exciting and innovative new MT models are ready to challenge preconceived notions.

Launched to the press in September 2013, the remarkable new 847cc 3-cylinder MT-09 underlines Yamaha’s total commitment to developing a new breed of inspirational models that will bring fun and passion back to the two-wheeled world. For 2014 the rejuvenated Yamaha “Dark Side of Japan“-themed MT range is further strengthened by the new MT-07, a naked 689cc twin-cylinder model which raises the bar in the mid-class segment in terms of riding excitement, quality components and design. Key design elements include a mass forward look with an upright riding position.

This new MT is designed to deliver high agility together with exciting torque, as well as an enjoyable riding character, for a very affordable price.

For the Yamaha EICMA press release that includes the full model list, detailed information of all the models, and their full technical specifications, please go to: www.yamaha-motor.eu

Please be informed that not all models and/or all colors of the above-mentioned models are available in all countries. Please contact the national Yamaha distributor for further information.





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