Powersports Vehicle Data Added to ACES

22 02 2011

Ready 2 Ride bike list becomes part of the AAIA vehicle database.

BETHESDA, MD – February 21, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) has announced the release of a complete set of powersports applications as part of the industry standard vehicle configuration database. Vehicle data for street and sport motorcycles, utility vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft is now published as part of the Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard (ACES) vehicle database with cooperation from Ready 2 Ride, makers of the X-ActFit powersports electronic catalog.

Ready 2 Ride, of Georgetown, Ind., is the maker of the X-ActFit aftermarket parts software search tool used by powersports distributor Tucker Rocky and hundreds of other powersports retailers.

“We believe that adding the Ready 2 Ride bike list to the AAIA standard opens doors for makers and distributors of powersports parts and accessories,” said Jamie Longacre, president, Ready 2 Ride. “It’s an on-demand, online world, whether you are sourcing parts for your car, truck, jet ski or motorcycle. And we are excited to contribute to the extension of the aftermarket standard look-up table.”

The AAIA vehicle configuration database is a component of ACES and is available with monthly updates on a subscription basis. The powersports configuration data lists the year, make, model number, model name and engine size for multiple segments of recreational and powersports vehicles. Applications extend from the current model year back to the 1930s, in the case of Harley-Davidson.

“AAIA is delighted to partner with Ready 2 Ride to bring their robust data set to the automotive aftermarket,” said Scott Luckett, AAIA vice president, technology standards. “Ready 2 Ride is the unquestioned leader in providing electronic parts and accessory cataloging to the powersports market. The addition of their vehicle list to ACES adds great value to the standard and creates tremendous opportunities for our subscribers.”

To view a sample of the powersports segment of the ACES Vehicle Database, visit www.aftermarket.org/technology/aces.


Zero Motorcycles Announces 2011 Product Line with Comprehensive Upgrades and a Quick-Charge Option Across All Four Models

8 02 2011
  • Highly Refined New Motorcycles,
  • A Solid Business Strategy,
  • Support and Availability in March

SANTA CRUZ, CA – February 8, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Zero Motorcycles today announced its highly anticipated 2011 product line alongside a strategy for continued leadership of the global electric motorcycle industry. The only company to offer a complete lineup, Zero Motorcycles has made sweeping technical improvements as well as added a contemporary new look to each of its four models, including a complete overhaul of the Zero S and the Zero DS. Every model is now ‘quick-charge’ capable using an optional upgrade that allows the motorcycles to charge nearly twice as fast. In addition, for the first time on an electric motorcycle, riders can now take advantage of J1772 public charging stations by using an optional accessory. This offers riders greater mobility by giving them access to a rapidly growing network of charge stations. The entire lineup is equipped with upgraded suspension systems, a more intelligent and rugged Z-Force powertrain, more precise charge indicators, new higher performance brakes and industry-standard component features to provide owners with more aftermarket options. Other highlights to the product line include street legal configurations of the dirt bikes and a new maintenance free belt drive for the street and dual sport models.

“During the past year, our Engineering and Manufacturing teams have benefitted from experienced new leadership and the results are clear. In close coordination, they have been working overtime to design and build the world’s finest collection of electric motorcycles,” said Gene Banman, CEO of Zero Motorcycles. “Our 2011 model line is composed of exceptionally high quality electric motorcycles that balance performance, range, weight, affordability and availability. We are excited to announce such major changes across the entire model line and to also be setting new industry standards in the way we report on our motorcycles’ performance specifications.”

Nearly every component of the Zero S and Zero DS has seen major upgrades and improvements. With a bold and completely new look, the street and dual sport models will become the world’s first production electric motorcycles to feature a maintenance free belt drive system. The quiet operation of the drivetrain, when combined with each of the motorcycles’ overall improvements, yields a sophisticated silence during riding that speaks to their overall solid build quality. Zero has also increased the capacity of the power packs by 12.5% to improve the motorcycles’ range. Among the other upgrades are more robust wheels, a new HB Performance braking system, tires with better grip, more robust hardware, new aggressive profile foot pegs and an integrated ignition switch and lock. Unique to the Zero S, it has been lowered by two inches to improve street handling and the new overall package gives it an eye-catching naked look.

Zero Motorcycles has also made major changes to its off-road line. For the first time, the company will deliver street-legal configurations of both its trail and motocross dirt bikes, Zero X and Zero MX respectively. The ability to legally ride the electric off-road motorcycles on the street opens countless new possibilities for enthusiasts as well as a new market for Zero. Street-legal versions include additional components such as headlights, taillights, sidestands, dashes, sensors and different gearing.

Both the Zero X and Zero MX are better performing and more robust than ever before. They have stouter wheels, new tires, a more robust HB Performance braking system, new aggressive foot pegs and an integrated ignition switch and lock. Their motors are energized using a beautifully refined aluminum power pack that is highly durable and easy to swap in less than sixty seconds. To maximize control, Zero has customized each motorcycles’ suspension internals to give them a more fluid and compliant motion under rough conditions. Unique to only the Zero MX, the 2011 model uses a motor mounted Z-Force Air Induction System to cool its new and more powerful Agni motor. Designed to ride harder, faster and longer, it represents the most competitive dirt bike that Zero has released to consumers.

The Zero S, Zero DS, Zero X and Zero MX are all available now through Zero Motorcycles’ website and will begin shipping in March. Zero operates on a strategy of building a ‘better motorcycle’ wherein each model balances performance, range, weight, affordability and availability.

2011 Zero Pricing Information:
Zero S – Street – $9,995 (10% Federal tax credit reduces price $1,000 for total of $8995)*
Zero DS – Dual Sport – $10,495 (10% Federal tax credit reduces price $1,040 for total $9,455)*
Zero MX – $9,495 (starting price)(Federal tax credit on street-legal versions)**
Zero X – $7,995 (starting price)(Federal tax credit on street-legal versions)**

*Zero S and DS – Some states and provinces offer additional incentives. Every Zero model comes with a two year limited warranty.

**A Federal tax credit can be applied to the street-legal versions of MX and X off-road models if they are purchased with a second power pack. Some countries or states may offer incentives. The Zero MX and X comes with a two year limited warranty.

For more information on Zero Motorcycles or to learn more about its complete product line including the Zero S, Zero DS, Zero MX and Zero X motorcycles, visit: http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/.

SOURCE: Zero Motorcycles


Bluetooth Industry Pioneer Cardo Systems Announces Launch of scala rider Q2 MultiSet PRO

2 02 2011

Improved Bike-to-Bike Intercom System Features Expanded Range and Enhanced Audio Communications

PITTSBURGH, PA – February 1, 2011 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Cardo Systems, Inc., the world’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth communications for motorcycle helmet headsets, announced today the introduction of an enhanced intercom communication product, the scala rider® Q2™ MultiSet PRO.

The Q2 MultiSet PRO enables uninterrupted bike-to-bike and passenger-to-rider communication through a comfortable intercom headrest system. The technology allows true simultaneous talking between two parties. Through its advanced multi device connection technology, users can independently place mobile calls, listen to integrated FM radio, or MP3 music and also use the device as a person-to-person intercom. GPS device interactivity is included, and riders can receive GPS voice instructions through the headset without having to manually perform any operations.

“Our original scala rider Q2 quickly became the global standard for motorcycle headset communications devices,” said Abraham Glezerman, CEO of Cardo Systems, Inc. “With our new PRO unit, we have developed an improved intercom system that offers ample range with crystal clear audio. For more than eight years, we have been the industry innovators in Bluetooth technology and are working to constantly refine and improve our product lineup to meet the needs of a discerning motorcycle audience.”

Audio features of the Q2 MultiSet PRO include noise canceling headphones and AGC technology which automatically adjusts microphone volume based on the amount of ambient noise. A new advancement called Embedded Packet Loss Concealment lets the system compensate for lost audio in real time, giving riders very clear conversations. Built in VOX technology allows riders to accept or reject calls through voice commands, helping them to concentrate on driving, not pressing control buttons. The dual speakers are designed to be compact for maximum driver fit and comfort.

Further functionality of the Q2 PRO includes up to 8 hours of continuous talk time, providing riders with uninterrupted service for extended journeys. Joining the worldwide, top-of-the-line G4 scala rider® PowerSet and the scala rider® TeamSet PRO, the new and improved scala rider Q2® PRO will enhance the best-selling line of Q2 motorcycle helmet headsets.

The new Cardo scala rider Q2™ MultiSet PRO is now available through select distributors, retail outlets, specialty motorcycle shops, and directly from the Cardo Systems web site at www.cardosystems.com.

About Cardo Systems, Inc.

Cardo Systems, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, has specialized in the design, development, manufacturing and sale of state-of-the-art communication and entertainment systems for motorcycle helmets since 2003. Cardo’s scala rider line of headsets, now available in over 50 countries, is the world’s best selling Bluetooth system for the motorcycle industry. For more information call (412) 788-4533.

SOURCE: Cardo Systems, Inc.


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